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Essex County MA

Essex County MA

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Colorado FF Wins Emmy


COLORADO SPRINGS (The Gazette) - Most firefighters don't win local Emmy awards. But Steve Schopper is not the average firefighter. He's an audio video specialist for the Colorado Springs Fire Department, and he is a volunteer lieutenant with the Manitou Springs Fire Department.


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Incident Safety Officer and Health Safety Officer Certification and PSEN has developed online adjunct education to prepare for National ProBoard certification.

We also have upgraded to a format that will work on IPAD and other tablets. Take a look at a couple of examples

ISO Sample - Historical Perspecctive

HSO Sample - Safety and Health

Inside my ISO classroom ... Compressed Burst Learning Video Clips - Take a peek


Nancy Duarte .... How to Tell A Story 



Are you the leader you wanted to be?


Denver Fire Department Present ... Leadership So Everyone Goes Home




Cancer and Risk




More Effective Tactics ... UL Course

UL's newest online course: "Scientific Research for the Development of More Effective Tactics" - an online course that serves as a culmination of the full-scale field experiments performed on Governors Island by the Fire Department of New York, NIST and UL.  The interactive training takes learners through a research timeline of the previous fire dynamics research conducted by NIST and UL, all of the details that went into the tests, test results, and tactical considerations derived from the test results. This course brings science to the streets by examining two main groups of tactical considerations. The first group looks at the impact of controlling ventilation and flow paths. The second explores the use of exterior fire attack as a means to rapidly reduce the fire hazard inside the structure in order to facilitate interior fire operations.   Fires were conducted within numerous 3 story residential row houses with ignition occurring in the basement, in the first floor living room and in a second floor bedroom.

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Interior Fire Attack by LA County


So ... It's only a car fire?

Learn all you can from others. Learn strengths, learn weaknesses, seek opportunity and determine what threatens your success relative to changing culture. Social media and You Tube for example. So many fire films to... view. All offer strengths, weaknesses and opportunity. We can watch and admire what is being done or pass off what we see as "what the heck are they doing." In recent weeks I have been reminded why Charlie Dickinson, former Deputy US Fire Administrator says that we think fires are routine or that we think like the public, it's never going to happen to us. In my case, car fires. More and more video is popping up with firefighters and vehicle fires. Have they (car fires) become so routine that we think things cannot go wrong? Is it silly to think that addressing "car fires" means I have to much time on my hands or that there are more important things to address? No! In fact there is not enough time to teach fire companies that minor risks grow into significant risks and significant risk can lead serious consequences. If lecturing about why full PPE and SCBA are needed when fighting vehicle fires bothers you, then please watch this short clip to see if you might feel differently, see it differently and fight them differently. It does not matter your rank. What matters is your conviction regarding firefighter safety and your willingness to stand on those convictions even when it means standing alone. Vehicle fires are more than routine. Think about it!


Welcome to PSEN
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Training in the fire service has taken on a whole new look and meaning. There are no shortages of fire service publications, conferences, and Online training to pick from. The bigger issue is whether personal and professional development is in your plans but day-to-day living, family expectations, time and opportunity presents personal challenges. I created PSEN to I help solve those issues. Our work is unique in so much as we coach and guide rather than lecture and tell when we teach. My good fortune along with vision, dedication and education has brought me to a place where PSEN can provide a unique niche in fire service education.

PSENSince we began ...

Our goal has been to educate and promote personal and professional growth, development and self leadership. To change the way firefighters think, what they believe, what they perceive with hope that a change in attitude and culture prevails. The last decade has seen quantum growth in the way we communicate, work and learn. I do not think anyone of us could have imagined such progress and opportunity. The Public Safety Education Network is seeking a strong core of firefighters who believe that together everyone achieves more. PSEN is adapting to new challenges. We continue to strengthen our focus on training areas that should help you think differently. Please consider our services to improve organizational and personal growth.